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EXCO TRANSPORT SYSTEMS, was established in 1992, as the representative in Romania of some major international suppliers for railway infrastructure, covering a vast range of products and services for this field.

The company's activity is mainly focused on the sale of small mechanization machinery, spare parts and the equipment for heavy and light railway construction and maintenance machinery, rails, track maintenance and repair tools. EXCO TRANSPORT SYSTEMS also provides technical assistance and service for the sold products.

EXCO TRANSPORT SYSTEMS has established over the years its position as a trustworthy supplier to both state-owned companies (CN CF "CFR" SA, SCTMB Metrorex SA, RATB, etc. ) and private companies involved in track construction or maintenance activities. The products and services supplied by the companies represented through EXCO fulfill very high standards, ensuring thus excellent quality of the works carried out by their means. The products, services and foreign suppliers are all certified in accordance with the quality standards by international accredited organizations.

 Conformity Certificate QMS

EXCO TRANSPORT SYSTEMS was certified according to the requirements of the standard SR EN ISO 9001 : 2001. This certifies that the main purpose EXCO TRANSPORT SYSTEMS SRL is to deliver products and services which fulfill optimal the requirements of the clients at the highest standards.